Supernova Indie Publications:
Sea Change (Novel) Prism Award winner for erotic paranormal romance

Independently Published Through Rook & Rose Publications

Immortal Cravings:
1. Exploring Ari (novella)
2. Dani's Demons (novella)
3. Just for Jess (novella)
4. Sorcerer’s Song  (short story) in Simply Irresistible anthology

Love Me Like a Rock (formerly Heroes of Stone and related)
1. Between a Rock and Hard Dragon (novella) formerly Between a Rock and a Hard-On. Crystal Tattoo Award Winner

Marry Me, Marietta (re-released novella)
Where There's Smoke (novella)
Beltane Lion (novella, re-release of Beltaine Bargain) also available as part of Entice Me e-anthology.
Whispers of Magic (re-released novella)
Devil of Bourbon Street (re-released novella)
Unawakened (novella formerly published as Awakening Augusta)
Eagle's Redemption (re-released novella)

Writing as part of Hera B. Magic
A Pixie’s Tale: Round Robin (novella, free)
Kit’s Cat (short story) in e-anthology, The Cat’s Meow (free)
How I Met my Husband (non-fiction, free)

Carina Press:

Urban Arcana
1: Motor City Fae (novel)
2: Motor City Witch (novel)
3  Motor City Wolf (novel)
4: Motor City Mage (novel)

Gaslight Chronicles
1: Steam & Sorcery: (novel)
2. Phantoms & Photographs: (novella)
3. Kilts & Kraken: (novella)
4. Moonlight & Mechanicals (novel)
5. Cards & Caravans (novella)
6. Ashes & Alchemy (novella)
7. Dragons & Dirigibles (novel)
8. Elephants & Ether (novel)

The Wild Rose Press
Love at the Crazy H
1: The Cowboy’s Christmas Bride (novel)
2: Crazy for the Cowboy  (novel)
3: Always a Cowboy  (novel)
Wayback, Texas (connected)
1. All the Way Back (novella)
2. After the Rodeo in the anthology Finding Their Way Back (novella)

Resplendence Publishing:
Wrong Side of Town (novel)
Nailed (novella)

Butterfly Kisses Press
Curses (re-released novel) Epic Award finalist

No Longer Available:

Guardian Investigations
1: Heart of the Bear (novella)
2: Wings of the Raven (novella)

Geek Love
1. Dragon in the System (novel)
2. Djinni and the Geek (novel)
3. Teach Me (novel)

Holiday Hearts
1: Yuletide Enchantment (novella)
2: Like Bunnies (short story)
3: Valentine’s Heart (novella) 4 Stars from RT and Recommended Read from Night Owl Reviews
4: Midsummer Dreams (novella) 4 Stars from RT and Recommended Read from Night Owl Reviews
5: All Hallow’s Evie (novella) 4 Stars from RT and Recommended Read from Night Owl Reviews

Heroes of Stone and related
2: Stone and Earth (novella)
3: Stone and Sea (novella)
4: Stone and Fire (novella)
5: Stone and Sky (novella)
6. Three for All (short story) TRS Cupid and Psyche finalist, Recommended read from Night Owl Reviews.

Mistletoe Magic
4: Elven Magic(short story, co-written with Desiree Holt & Regina Carlysle)

Stand Alones
One Good Man (novel) Co-Written with Lacey Thorn Joyfully Recommended by Joyfully Reviewed
Trapped (short story)
Georgie and the Dragon (Novella)
Mr. November: Thankful for You (novella)
Lust in the Afternoon (m/m short story, written under pseudonym Cian Fey)